Economic Statistics Division (ESD)

Categorization of Shareable and Non-Shareable data of MoSPI

in accordance with NDSAP, 2012


Division: Economic Statistics Division (ESD)


Details of Data

Shareable data

(Category A: Open Access Data)

  1. Annual survey of Industries (ASI)

1 ASI Volume I (contains important economic characteristics like capital, employment, emoluments and economic parameters like no. of factories, fixed/ working capital, total input, total output, depreciation, net value added, etc, at 2/3 level of Industrial classification by State/ U.T and at all India level)

2 ASI Summary Results for Factory Sector (contains principal characteristics at all India and State/Uts and at 2 digit level of NIC, distribution of factories by important characteristics like size of employment, capital, gross output and net value added)

3 ASI Frame (Selected Information)

4 Time Series Data on ASI

5 Seven tables on website:

  • Table 1: Annual Series for Principal Characteristics
  • Table 2:  Principal Characteristics by Major Industry Group
  • Table 3: Principal Characteristics by Major States
  • Table 4: Estimate of some important characteristics by State
  • Table 5: Estimate of some important characteristics by 3 digit of NIC
  • Table 6: Principal Characteristics by Rural-Urban Break-up
  • Table 7: Principal Characteristics by Type of Organization

II All India Index of Industrial Production:

1 Item basket and weighting diagram with NIC codes.

2 Monthly and annual indices at NIC 2 digit level

3 Monthly and annual indices as per Use-Based Category

III Economic Census:

1 State wise Directory of Establishments

2  All India Report of Economic Census published after the conduct of EC

IV Publication of Energy Statistics  annually. (Integrated and updated database of return, installed capacity, production, consumption, import, export, wholesale price of sources, energy balance, Sankey diagram, energy indicators)

Shareable data

(Category B: Registered and/or Restricted Data)


  1. Annual  Survey of Industries(ASI)disseminated through Computer Centre, MoSPI:

1 ASIUnit Level data (after masking identification of factories)

2 ASI Volume II publication (details of materials consumed,ex -factory value of products and by-products both at all India and State/ UT levels)

  1. All India Index of Industrial Production disseminated through ESD, CSO:

 Monthly item level data used for compilation of IIP


  1. Economic Census disseminated through Computer Centre, MoSPI:

Unit level Economic Census


Non-Shareable data

 (Negative list)

No negative list data in ESD 


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