National Accounts Division (NAD)

Categorization of Shareable and Non-Shareable data of MoSPI

 in accordance with NDSAP, 2012


Division: National Accounts Division (NAD)


Details of Data


Shareable data

(Category A: Open Access Data)

All Published data/Available on website /Public domain.




Shareable data

(Category B: Registered and/or Restricted Data)


Further disaggregation (beyond the published results) to other agencies depending on the nature of requirement, in cases where the data is robust.




Non-Shareable data

 Negative list)

  1. All the worksheets for compilation of various estimates.


  1. Quarterly, Advance & Revised Estimates for industrial categories other than 8 industrial categories for which the estimates are released.



  (c) Unit Level data received   from other agencies like   Ministry of Corporate affairs, NSSO etc.





Note: Estimates of GDP & related macro-economic aggregates  prior to its release



(a) Worksheets are not standard  


(b) Due to limited availability of data, indicator based approach is adopted. Also, various rates and ratios are used.


  1. Undertaking given to Ministry of Corporate Affairs, NSSO etc. prohibits further dissemination of unit level data under the clause of confidentiality.


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