NSSTA houses its own Library, Sukhatme Library with a stock of about 22,819 books. The Library has been named in memory of eminent statistician Prof. P.V. Sukhatme (1911-1997). In 2009-10 the Library was shifted from the Training Division, Jeevan Prakash Building to NSSTA. Since then a lot of efforts has been given to fully computerize the library. Library has been automated with LIBSYS software. The entire database is being maintained in Libsys and the process of the receipt and issue has also been made online. The topics of the books range from purely statistical books to novels of renowned authors. Besides Statistics, Mathematics and Computers the Library also has a stock of books on Religion, Social Science, Literature, History, Geography etc. Out of that approximately 3000 books are in Hindi. The library is a storehouse of very old and rare reports. Efforts are also being taken to improve its stock with regards to books as well as journals and magazines. Suggestions as to how to improve the stock of the Library is welcome. Suggestions may be e-mailed at

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