Past Members of NSC

Past Members of the NSC (as on 1st April 2016)

Sr. No. Name & designation at the time of appointment Designation Tenure
1 Prof. Suresh D. Tendulkar, Former Professor of Economics, Delhi University Chairperson 12-07-2006 to 15-02-2009
2 Dr. Surjit Bhalla, Managing Director, Oxus Research and Investments, New Delhi Member 12-07-2006 to 11-07-2009
3 Dr. Amitabh Kundu, Professor in Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University Member 12-07-2006 to 11-07-2009
4 Dr. Padam Singh, Head of Research & Evaluation, EPOS Health-India, Gurgaon Member 12-07-2006 to 23-03-2009
5 Prof. Bikas Sinha, Professor in Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Member 12-07-2006 to 11-07-2009
6 Prof. R. Radhakrishna, Jawaharlal Nehru Fellow (ICSSR), Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad Chairperson 30-07-2009 to 29-07-2012
7 Shri Suman K. Bery, Director General, National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), Delhi Member 24-12-2009 to 23-12-2012
8 Prof. Anil P. Gore, Retired Professor of Statistics, University of Pune, Pune Member 30-12-2009 to 18-12-2011
9 Prof. Shibdas Bandyopadhyay, Professor in Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Member 30-12-2009 to 01-10-2012
10 Dr. Sudipto Mundle, Honorary Emeritus Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi Member 24-12-2009 to 23-12-2012
11 Dr. Pronab Sen, Principal Adviser, Planning Commission Chairperson 25-02-2013 to 24-02-2016
12 Prof. Biswanath Goldar, Professor in Economics, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi Member 20-06-2013 to 23-11-2014
13 Shri Ramesh Kolli, Former Addl. DG, Central Statistics Office, M/o Statistics & PI Member 08-07-2013 to 02-06-2015
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