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FOD is conducting field work of various surveys, viz,

For the purpose of data collection, schedules for each of the surveys have been prepared by data processing organizations in consultation with respective Standing Committees. Such forms are as under:

Socio-Economic Survey : 76th Round Schedule 0.0 :List of Households
  Schedule 1.2 : Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene & Housing Condition
  Schedule 26 : Survey of Persons with Disabilities
Socio-Economic Survey : 75th Round Schedule 0.0 :List of Households
  Household Consumer Expenditure
  Household Social Consumption : Health
  Household Social Consumption: Education
Annual Survey of Industry 16-17 Schedule
  Instructions for filling part-I & II of ASI 16-17 schedule
Urban Frame Survey 2017-22 Phase Town Schedule
  Investigator Schedule
  Ward Schedule
  Block Schedule
  Listing Schedule
Agriculture Survey Schedule 1.0
  Schedule 2.0
CPI(U) Schedule 3.04
Periodic Labour Force Survey List of Households – Schedule 0.0PL
  Employment and Unemployment-Schedule 10.4 (First Visit)
  Employment and Unemployment–Schedule 10.4 (Revisit for Urban area only)

To facilitate the employees for their administrative needs, various Application Forms for processing their requirements are in use.

Current Status of Surveys is as follows:

Socio economic survey 75th Round of NSS (July 2017-June 2018) covering the Subject Household Consumer Expenditure, Social Consumption & Health and Social Consumption & Education
Annual Survey of Industries Field Work of ASI 2016-17 commenced from November 2017 and may be completed by 30th June 2018
Urban Frame Survey UFS Phase 2017-20
Miscellaneous Survey Regular collection of price data for
  Rural Price Collection (RPC).
  Consumer Price Index CPI (U).
  Wholesale Price Index (WPI).
  International Comparison Programme ICP(U)
Agriculture Survey Field Work for the agriculture year 2017-18
  Crop Area Enumeration
  Crop Yield Estimation
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