Awareness Programmes for University Professors

One week Training programme for Head of Departments of Statistics:
NSSTA is organisizing awareness programme for senior faculty from the Departments of Statistics of various universities every year. The objective of this programme is to create awareness about official statistics of various universities every year. The objective of this programme is to create awareness about official Statistics amongst the Academia. Through this programme, the University faculty have been exposed to the system of Official Statistics at central and State govt. levels, different data systems available in various areas of Government functioning and to the scope of research in the area of Official Statistics. The Sessions are are usually a two-way session where an exchange of ideas occurs between the Academicians and Official Statisticians faculty. During the year viz.,2016-17 one programme on "Official Statistics" for the Head of the Departments/ Professors of Statistics Department is to be organised at NSSTA.

The Programmes broadly focus on Indian Statistical System & its Challenges, Economic Census in India, Industrial Statistics and its use, Conducting Agriculture Census: Indian experience, System of Agriculture Statistics in India and its challenges, India Statistical Strengthening Project(ISS-P), Collection of Statistics Act,2008, Population Census 2011, Challenges and its historical perspective, Understanding National Accounts (SNA-1993) and its challenges, Estimation of state GDP, National Sample Survey Office, and current surveys being conducted by it, Survey Designs of household surveys conducted by NSSO, Monitoring of Millennium Development Goals - Present status; Basic Statistics for Local Level Development (BSLLD), Collection of Health & Demographic Statistics and its challenges; Economic Policies of Government and some key Indicators for monitoring. As these training programmes are interaction based. so stress is given on the various issues faced during the collection / compilation / Interpretation of statistics in the various sectors.

Interested faculty members may write to NSSTA, well in advance at email The training is free of cost. Boarding, lodging and travelling cost to the participants are borne by NSSTA.


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