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Provisional Agenda

Provisional List of Participants (to be completed or amended)

No Country/Org. Name Topic Title
1 WIEGO Mr. CHARMES 2-3 The contribution of informal sector to GDP in developing countries: Assessment, estimates, methods, orientations for the future
2 Ethiopia Mr. MOSSA 1 Result of the survey on informal sector conducted in Ethiopia; Survey methods and design for collection of data
3 ILO Mr. HUSSMANNS 6B Problems in the sue of ISIC, Revision 3 for the classification of informal sector activities by kind of economic activity
4 WIEGO Ms. UNNI 1 Informal economy: definition and survey methods
5 ILO Mr. HUSSMANNS 1 Informal Sector surveys: Advantages and limitations of different survey methods and survey designs for the data collection
6 Mexico Mr. NEGRETE 2-3 Mexican Household Survey System Contribution in Estimating the Informal Sector’s GDP Share
7 ESCAP Mr. LOH 2-3 Estimation of the contribution of informal sector to GDP on a regular basis
8 OECD Mr. HUSSMANNS 6A Handbook for Measurement of the Non-Observed Economy (Underground, Informal and illegal Activities): General Description
9 Thailand Ms. BOONPERM 1 Result of the survey on informal sector: problems and limitations
10 Philippines Dr. VIROLA 2-3 Measuring the contribution of the informal sector in the Philippines.
11 India Dr. SASTRY 2-3 Value added from the Informal Sector; Lessons from SAM with formal-informal disaggregation for India
12 Brazil Ms. FILGUEIRAS JORGE 1 Survey on the informal sector in Brazil: Main results and methodological evaluation
13 Nepal Mr. SHRESTA 1 Measurement of Informal Sector
14 India Country Paper 1-2-3 Measurement of Informal Sector – The Indian Experience
15 Turkey Mr. TASTI 1 Turkey Experience on informal Sector Employment
16 Australia Mr. ABBASI 1 Unincorporated Micro-Businesses: Business Characteristics and Contribution to National Employment
17 Australia Mr. ABBASI 1 Reducing measurement error in informal sector surveys

3 Papers presented by the ILO Project Measurement   of the variable “Place of work” GLO/98/318/b/11/31

No. Country/Org. Name Topic Title
I Jordan Mr. F. NSOUR 1 The measurement of Place of Work in Jordan, based on the employment and unemployment survey, 3rd round, 1999
II South Africa Ms D. BUDLENDER 1 Examining Place of Work in South Africa
III Colombia Ms. T. GONZALEZ GUTIERREZ 1 Review of the variable Place of Work in two Latin American Countries