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Quality Control

Quality Control

Data Quality Assurance Division (DQAD), erstwhile Data Processing Division (DPD), along with its five centres at five different cities of the country and its Headquarters in Kolkata, is primarily mandated for assuring quality of Socio-Economic survey data collected in the field.



A sizable portion of any survey process, right from frame updation, sample selection to dissemination of results are carried out in this division. Bringing out bulletin based on Price and Wages data and extending assistance to the states are also major activities of DQAD. The Industrial Statistics Wing of this division is entrusted with collection, processing and release of Industrial Statistics data through Annual Survey of Industries (ASI).

Software Services

Software Services

DQAD is also providing state assistance by providing all necessary software for capturing, processing and tabulation of State Socio-Economic survey data, as well as pooling of Central and State data.

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Industrial Statistics Wing (IS Wing) of Data Quality Assurance Division (DQAD) of National Statistical Office (earlier known as CSO, IS Wing) has the overall responsibility for planning, designing, processing and publishing data collected through Annual Survey of Industries (ASI), and also analytical work relating to it. Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of industrial statistics of registered manufacturing sector in India and is conducted annually under the Collection of Statistics (COS) Act, 2008 (as amended in 2017) and the rules framed there-under in 2011. The office also provides all kind of technical guidance and assistance to the State Directorates of Economics and Statistics (DES) for conducting ASI based on state sample. The office developed the National Industrial Classification (NIC-2008) based on the United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification (UNISIC) Rev 4 and The National Product Classification for Manufacturing Sector (NPCMS), 2011 based on UN Central Product Classification (CPC) Ver. 2.0.

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At present about six independent Socio-Economic surveys is either running in the field or about to launch, which are as follows:


78th Round NSS Survey: Domestic Tourism Expenditure and Multi Indicator Survey


Periodic Labour Force Surveys (PLFS)


Annual Surveys of Unincorporated Sector Enterprise (ASUSE)


Time Use Surveys (TUS)


Household Consumption Expenditure Surveys (HCES)


Annual Survey of Service Sector Enterprise (ASSSE)


State Assistance

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Currently, DQAD is developing a Generalised Survey Solution namely e-SIGMA, (e-Survey Instrument and Generalised Multimodal Application) for surveys conducted by NSO, which is aspired to be fortified with real time survey data validation capabilities along with other facilitating modules.

The application encapsulates all the facets of survey process one can think of and ensures seamless transition of data from the field to DQAD for further activities. The entry into the application will be through login by valid users and different modules like CAPI, Survey setup, Query, Dashboard etc. could only be accessed by privileged users. All the ongoing surveys of NSS will be rolled out through this software and appropriate users at different offices and different levels will be able to perform their desired job using different modules. The data capturing CAPI module and Real Time Validation through Back Office Module are the most important among others since they are directly linked with the data quality. All the modules are fortified with latest available tools, which will ensure viable and reliable data within a shorter period of time.



Along with e-SIGMA separate call-centre based survey option is being setup in DQAD to augment the CAPI based field interview. This has been necessitated due to the new-normal of restricted movements and social distancing protocol in the light of COVID-19 pandemic.

The mode of survey in such scenario shall be CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing) and CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interviewing). NSS call centres for CAPI and CAWI based surveys will be bundled with remote based IVRS technologies. This is currently in the making and will enable DQAD to conduct remote surveys by avoiding visits and personal contacts while surveying.