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7th Economic Census

7th Economic Census is being conducted in 2019-20 with advanced use of ICT tools & applications that would facilitate geo-coordinate embedded data collection through mobile devices, real-time data validation & scrutiny, efficient monitoring & supervision using interactive MIS dashboards, finalization & dissemination of results, etc.

6th Economic Census

The Sixth EC was conducted during October, 2012 to June, 2013 in all the States and Union Territories of the country in collaboration with State/UT Governments. Overall guidance at all-India level was provided by EC Unit of the ESD, CSO, MOSPI, Government of India. The EC enumerated all establishments engaged in various agricultural and non-agricultural activities excluding crop production, plantation, public administration, defence and compulsory social security.

5th Economic Census

The Fifth Economic Census was conducted in all the States/UTs. All economic activities (agricultural and non-agricultural), except those involved in crop production and plantation, related to production and/or distribution of goods and/or services other than for the sole purpose of own consumption were covered. As per Economic Census 2005, 41.83 million establishments, 25.54 million in Rural area and 16.29 million in Urban area operated during the year 2005.

4th Economic Census

In the fourth economic census a complete enumeration of all agricultural (except crop production & plantation) and non-agricultural entrepreneurial activities was carried out through out the country. Fourth economic census was planned during 1996. But due to various reasons the scheme could be launched only in 1998. The overall responsibility for organisation and conduct of the economic census rested with the CSO. The DESs of States/UTs were made responsible for conducting the field work and preparing the report for their respective States/Uts.

3rd Economic Census

The third EC scheduled for 1986 could not be carried out due to resource constraints. The EC 1980 frame was updated during 1987-88 in 64 cities (12 cities having more than 10 lakh population and 52 class-I cities) which had problems of identification of enumeration blocks and changes due to rapid urbanization. It was synchronized with the house listing operations of the Population Census 1991 on the same pattern of EC 1980.

2nd Economic Census

The second EC was conducted in 1980 along with the house-listing operations of 1981 Population Census. This was done with a view to economizing resources, manpower, time and money. This time all establishments engaged in economic activities - both agricultural and non-agricultural whether employing any hired worker or not - were covered, except those engaged in crop production and plantation. All States/UTs were covered with the sole exception of Assam, where population census, 1981 was not conducted.