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The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is a composite indicator that measures the short-term changes in the volume of production of a basket of industrial products during a given period with respect to that in a chosen base period. The all India IIP is compiled by Economic Statistics Division (ESD)using secondary data received from 14 source agencies in various Ministries/Departments or their attached/ subordinate offices. IIP is released on the 12th of every month with a time lag of six weeks as per the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) norms of the IMF. To capture the changes in the structure and composition of the industry over time due to the technological changes, economic reforms and consumption patterns of the people, it is necessary to revise the IIP periodically by changing its base to a more recent period. The IIP series in India has been revised from time to time shifting the comparison base to a recent period, by reviewing the coverage of items and industries and by improving, as far as practicable, with a view to reflect adequately, the industrial growth and structure. When the index was commenced in India, the base year adopted was 1937 and since then it has been revised 9 times, the current base year being 2011-12.

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Economic Census is the complete count of all non-farm economic establishments located within the geographical boundary of India. The Economic Census provides dissaggregated information on various operational and structural variables of all such establishments. The Census also provides valuable insight into geographical spread/clusters of economic activities, ownership patterns, persons engaged, etc. of all economic establishments in the country. The information collected during Economic Census are useful for developmental planning at Central, State and District levels. Economic Census also provides an updated sampling frame for follow- up enterprise surveys undertaken for detailed and comprehensive analysis of defferent economic sectors in the country. In view of the rapid changes that occur in the unorganized sector of non-agricultural economy, the economic census is conducted periodically in order to update the information from time to time. Thus far, six Economic Censuses have been conducted in the country during 1977, 1980, 1990, 1998, 2005 and 2013. Based upon learning of previous economic censuses, the 7th Economic Census is being conducted in 2019-20 with advanced use of ICT tools & applications that would facilitate geo-coordinate embedded data collection through mobile devices, real-time data validation & scrutiny, efficient monitoring & supervision using interactive MIS dashboards, finalization & dissemination of results, etc. It is expected that around 34.2 crore EC houses (including 7.2 crore commercial establishments) will be covered during 7th EC.

The 7th EC is programmed to bring out the following

Detailed information on economic variables, activity wise, of all the non-farm agricultural and non-agricultural establishments of the country

Including its distribution at all India, State, District levels for comprehensive analysis of the structure of the economy.

Information on economic characteristics of the unorganized or informal sector.

Information on number of workers working in establishments (which are under operation), activity wise and area wise.

List of all establishments tagged by geographical location up to village/ward level for local level planning purposes

A Statistical Business Register containing updated details of establishments.

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ESD compiles and disseminates Energy Statistics data annually to provide a comprehensive picture of Energy Sector in India. Energy Statistics published annually is an integrated and updated database of energy sector such as reserves, installed capacity, production, consumption, import, export and changes in wholesale prices etc. of different energy sources.

Energy Balance, Energy Indicators and Sankey Diagram (Energy flow diagram) are also published in energy statistics publication giving analytic view for data users, planners and policy makers.The data in the publication are sourced from the subject Ministries of the Government of India.

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The Index of Service Production(ISP) is an indicator to measure short term changes in the growth of Services sector. The indices for sub-sectors of ISP are compiled by the concerned subject Ministries and the indices at broader levels are envisaged by pooling the indices of the sub-sectors. The Division provides the necessary technical guidance to the subject ministries for compiling the indices of the sub-sectors. The methodology has been developed for compilation of ISP for 7 sub-sectors and indices are worked out on experimental basis.

The 7 sub-sectors

Air Transport

Air Transport

Air Transport

Rail Transport

Air Transport

Banking Services

Air Transport

Postal services

Air Transport

Insurance Services

Air Transport

Education Services

Air Transport

Telecommunication services

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Compiling All India Index of Industrial Production (IIP) and releasing a Press Note on 12th day of every month in the form of “Quick Estimates“ giving details on Index of Industrial Production at sectoral level, NIC 2-digit level and for used based categories.


Providing technical guidance to Ministries concerned for development of Index of Service Production (ISP) at sector/ sub-sector levels.


Compiling Energy Statistics annually and providing an integrated and updated data base of energy sector in India.


Providing information through a Short Questionnaire on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) annually to International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Developing classifications like, National Industrial Classification (NIC) and National Product Classification (NPC) from time to time based on revisions and guidelines of International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC).


Conducting Economic Census in country periodically for developing a database of all non-farm economic-establishments and related details for policy analysis and decision making by the Government and other organizations. The Seventh Economic Census is currently under progress. It is being conducted on an IT based platform for the first time.


Bring out National Fact Sheet on Indian Economy on a quarterly basis