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Press Release

In compliance with the Special Data Dissemination Standards of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as per its own policy, the NAD releases annual and quarterly estimates of GDP from time to time as per pre-specified schedule given in Advance Release Calendar.

Press Release


National Accounts Division brings out various Publications, like National Accounts Statistics, containing time series data on national income and related macroeconomic aggregates. The methodology of compilation, data sources used etc are well documented and made available in public domain.

Press Release

State Domestic Product

In order to ensure comparability between the national and state level estimates, the NAD collates comparable estimates of Gross and Net State Domestic Product (GSDP/NSDP) by economic activity and Per Capita Income estimates, in consultation with the DESs.



Preparation of national accounts, which includes the estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), National Income, Government/Private Final Consumption Expenditure, Capital Formation and Savings along with details of transactions of institutional sectors. The NAD brings out annually a publication titled “National Accounts Statistics”, containing these statistics.


The NAD provides technical guidance and support to the State/UT Directorates of Economics & Statistics (DESs) on compilation and release of State Accounts, including estimates of State Domestic Product. State level estimates of Gross Value Added (GVA) and Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF)in respect of supra-regional sectors, viz., Railways, Communication, Banking & Insurance and Central Government Administration are furnished by the NAD for the purpose.


The NAD maintains liaison with international organizations on statistical matters.


The NAD is also responsible for preparation and release of Supply-Use Tables (SUT) and Input-Output Transaction Tables (IOTT) from time to time.


The NAD has a regular advisory mechanism in the form of an Advisory Committee on National Accounts comprising eminent economists, statisticians and other experts, including Departmental representatives, to look into and advise on all methodological aspects of compilation and presentation of national accounts.


As per guidelines under Article IV of the IMF Articles of Agreement, discussions with the staff of IMF on GDP compilation issues were held in the month of August 2019