• Program Management Training for PI wing

  • Training of Data Entry Operators for DQAD

  • One-week training program on SDG (for concerned officials)

  • Collaboration of NSSTA with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) for skill development programs
  • MSDE in collaboration with MoSPI is creating a pool of certified manpower resources which are in turn hired by MoSPI, on contract basis, for the post of Field Survey Enumerator, Survey Supervisor and Data Quality Assurance Executive. In the proposed system a mandatory e-module is to be developed by NSSTA to impart training to these candidates with technical support of National Instructional media Institute (NIMI) under MSDE. The modalities are being worked out for joint certification both by MoSPI and MSDE to the candidates trained through this Emodule, to increase the market value of the candidates. The same has been detailed out in envisaged NSSTA system.

    Online course on Machine Learning using Python NSSTA is conducting 12 weeks online course on ‘Machine learning using Python’ in collaboration with IIT Madras for in-service ISS and SSS officers. This training course is the first stage for CBTP (Cohort Based Training programs) which is mandatory for those officers who are nominated for Mid-Career Training Program (MCTP) phase 1 for e.g. ISS officers coming in bracket of 8-10 years of service. An addition willing officers are also enrolled for the course.