1) Mid-Career Training Program

    This training program is mandatory for all eligible ISS Officers.

    a. MCTP Phase one (ISS Officers with 8-10 years of service) (Batch Size : 20-25 officers)

    CBTP is mandatory for all the nominated officers up to the level of JAG. Officers belonging to SAG and above can also be nominated on their basis of their willingness and availability of seats to utilize the resource optimally. Based on the concept of Cohort Based Training Programs (CBTP) which would be completed in three stages:

    • Stage 1: Online Course on ‘Machine Learning using Python’;

    • Stage 2: Foundation Course for two weeks on ‘AI, Big Data, Block Chain etc.;


    • Stage 3: Foundation course for 1 week on ‘Management’.

    The courses are completed in sequence. Evaluation criteria for stage 1 are built within the module. However, the criteria for successful completion of stage 2 and 3 are decided by the Training Division. It is mandatory for officers being nominated for the CBTP Stage 2 to qualify Stage 1.

    b. MCTP Phase two (ISS Officers with 15-17 years of service) (Batch Size : 20-25 officers)

    The second phase of MCTP comprises of four Components (Three Domestic Learning Component (DLC) and one Overseas Learning Component (OLC)) of one-week duration each. Domestic Component includes Design, Evaluation and Execution of Projects; Advance Management Programme; and Recent Developments in survey methodology with applications; and also a Foreign Component (OLC). These are carried out through a set of approved training institutes.

    c. MCTP Phase three (ISS Officers with 23-28 years of service) (Batch Size : 20-25 officers)

    The third phase of MCTP is for HAG/ SAG level ISS officers of 23-28 years of service. The eligibility condition includes 3 years of service left. In this phase the MCTP would be for duration of two/three weeks without any foreign component: One-week training on Leadership and Strategic Management; One week on Managing ICT projects; and One week on Current Economic Issues. All the components of this training are conducted through a set of approved training institutes.

    2) Specialized Training Programme (STP)

    Officers, who have successfully completed CBTP, would be given option to choose one Core Area of Official Statistics e.g. NAS, Labour Statistics, Price Statistics, Large Scale Sample Survey and any area emerging for the national importance. STP would be of two to three weeks depending upon the course chosen by the nominated officers. It was approved that the training would be organized at NSSTA. The STP is not mandatory for all eligible ISS officers.

    3) Domain Specific Training Programme (DSTP)

    DSTP is organized at NSSTA or other prestigious institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur, ISI Kolkatat, IIM Lucknow, IISc Bangalore, C R Rao Institute AIMCS Hyderabad, Dr. MCRHRD Insitute, NIFM Faridabad etc. for in-service ISS officers on different topic of Official Statistics, Machine learning technology like Artifical Intelligence, Big Data, Block Chain, Python etc.