1. Authors are requested to send soft copy of their papers/ articles in MS Word format to the Additional Director General, Survey Coordination Division, National Statistical Office, Sankhyiki Bhawan, Maharshi Valmiki Marg, Near Karkardooma Court, Delhi–110 032 through e-mail @ nssocpd.coord-mospi@gov.in.
  2. Papers/ articles should be of single-spaced with margins of 1½ ‘‘wide on the left and 1’’ on the right in MS Word format. The content of the article/paper should be in the sequence of title of the paper, name of authors with their affiliations as foot note, abstract, keywords, main text part, acknowledgments and references.
  3. For mathematical formulae, symbols, etc., standard notation may be followed. The graphs, charts and diagrams, if any, should be complete with all details and be such that direct reproduction is possible.
  4. The abstract should include summary of the paper not exceeding 150 words and a maximum of 6 important keywords used in the paper should also be mentioned.
  5. References should only include those papers, books etc. which have citation in the current paper and the same should be given in full e.g. name of author, title of publication, name of journal, date of publication etc.