• Indian Statistical Service (ISS) was constituted in 1961 with the objective of institutionalizing a core professional capacity within the Government to undertake statistical analysis and render advice for designing and formulating development polices, strengthening delivery systems and monitoring and evaluating the public programmes.
  • ISS officers are recruited through UPSC examination. The minimum eligibility criterion is Bachelor’s degree with Statistics or Mathematical Statistics or Applied Statistics as one of the subject. Like any other government service, ISS officers are put to probation for a period of two years on joining the service. For ISS, these two years of service induction are committed for their effective and relevant training so that they can have a head start in their career once they are posted after two years.
  • At the beginning of the probationary training program, the ISS probationers have to undergo 15 weeks “ Official Statistics Module” which includes Agriculture and Allied Statistics, National Accounts Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Labour Force Statistics, Price Statistics, Trade Statistics, Social Statistics , Health Statistics, Education Statistics, Misc. Subjects like Gender, Crime Statistics, Mineral Statistics, Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Slums, Domestic Tourism etc.
  • Another major modules of ISS probationary training programmes are 15 weeks “Foundation Course”, 12 weeks “Core IT” at NSSTA and 4 weeks Advance IT at C.R. Rao Institute, Hyderabad, 8 weeks module on “Survey methodology (4weeks) and Data Analytics (4 weeks) including aspects of Designing, Building, Collecting, Processing, Analyzing, Disseminating and evaluating data collected through surveys/census, techniques, data dissemination techniques with reference to NSSO surveys, NFHS surveys etc.
  • Probationary training also includes 8 weeks of on the job training program.
  • A compulsory one-week training program on “Disaster Management” in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority” is also included in the curriculum on the request of Ministry of Home Affairs
  • ISS probationers also undergo approved training modules through various Institutes.
  • At the end of the module on Official Statistics in the first course, each officer is required to choose an area in Official Statistics for project work.
  • Final Project Report is submitted at the end of two years training, however, a 10 weeks exclusive time would be provided to the probationers for completing the project work. A comprehensive evaluation of the project may be done by a high-powered committee. This committee may include senior level ISS officers (retired/serving) and representatives from academia like ISI, JNU etc.