The Six/Seven weeks Induction Training Programme is a mandatory training for all new recruits in Subordinate Statistical Service(SSS) Cadre. The course content of induction Training Programme has been designed and developed keeping in view the bare minimum requirement of a SSS Official to deliver Official work in effective manner at the beginning of his career. The training programme has been divided into two modules each of duration as under:

Module Duration
A (i). Basic Statistical & Sample Survey Techniques  1 Week
A (ii). Official Statistics  2 Weeks
B (i). Office Procedures  1 Weeks
B (ii). Computer & its Applications  2 Weeks
B (iii). Field Visit*  1 Week
Total duration  6/7 Weeks

"*" One week Field Training would be arranged only for Non-FOD(NSSO) trainees.

At Present:

Module A(i)"Basic Statistical & Sample Survey Techniques" and Module A(ii) "Official Statistics" are being conducted as NSSTA, Gr. Noida. Language classes for Telgu, Kannad and Tamil language has been incorporated in this module for 2016-2017. Last year, 5 programmes have conducted at NSSTA. The feedback received has been very encouraging.

Module B(i) "Office Procedures", Module B(ii)"Computer & its Applications" and Module B(iii) "Field Visit" are being conducted at Zonal Offices of NSSO(FOD)

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