STATE GOVTs/UTs Training

Specially Designed Training Programmes For State/ UT Statistical Personnel

Keeping in view minimum bare requirement of State/UTs Statistical Personnel. Six(one week) Refresher Training Programmes and two(one week) TOT Training Programmes on the following 5 topics have been designed. for the year 2016-17 on the basis of Training Need Assessment Survey. Expected batch size for each of the courses would be about 20-25 participants. The details of Training programme for state government officers/officails are as under:

Course Code Name & duration of Training Course Venue
1. Index Number and Price Statistics-One Week NSSTA/ Labour Bureau, Shimla.
2. Social Statistics-One Week NSSTA
3. National Account Statistics-One Week NSSTA
4. Sample Survey Techniques-One Week NSSTA/SDRD/DPD,Kolkata.
5. Demography and Population Studied-One Week NSSTA



Training Programme for State Statistical Personnel

Course Title Institute Contents Duration
Index Number and Price Statistics NSSTA, Gr. NOIDA. Price Statistics in India - Source of data, status & limitation, price Indices - Concepts, methodology, & construction of WPI,CPI, Development Indices of different countries (e.g. SDI, HDI, etc.), Compilation of Index of Industrial Production(IIP) (One Week)
Social Statistics NSSTA, Gr. NOIDA.

Concepts & definations of Social Statistics; Human Development Index & Socio - Economic Indicators, Gender Statistics; Statistics on Women & Child Development; Population Census in India; Civil and Sample Registration System; Vital Statistics - concepts & definitions of mortality; fertility, life table; collection and compilation of Health, Morbidity & Mortality and Familiy Welfare Statistics; collection and compilation of Education and Literary Statistics;

Collection and Compilation of Labour and Employment Statistics; Collection and Compilation of Housing Statistics;collection and compilation of statistics for Local Area  Planning. Measurement of Poverty and analysis and Poverty Mapping and Multidimension Poverty Index.

(One Week)
National Account Statistics NSSTA, Gr. NOIDA. Theoritical Concepts of social and national and environmental accounting, the estimates of national income and other related aggregates like gross domestic product,saving, capital formation,private consumption expenditure etc, for planning purposes and economic development of the country. Practical sessions on concepts, definitions and sources of data of Natiobnal Account Statistics and their uses, prepartaion of estimates of national income from Primary, Secondary and tertiary Sectors, Analysis of Government Budgets and Accounts of Public Sector Enterprises; Input-Output Analysis, Estimation of Capital Formation, private final consumption Expenditure, 1993 System of National Accounts (1993 SNA) (One Week)
Sampling Methods and Techniques used in large Scale Sample Surveys SDRD/DPD Kolkata/ NSSTA, Gr. NOIDA Review of Sample Survey techniques,Survey Planning- Frame, selection of sampling scheme, sample size,Survery perpartion - Design of Questionnaire etc, Post Survey Operations- field scrutiny, Computer Scrutiny, estimation procedure, multipliers, Report writing through Pratical experiences of conducting sample surveys: NSSO, NHFS,RCH, SRS etc (One Week)
Demography and Population Studies NSSTA, Gr. NOIDA.

Concepts of mortality, fertility, morbidity. Construction of Life Tables & Population Projection - Mortpak & Spectrum software programmed response to address the population growth in India - population policies, family welfare programmes, RCH and NRHM.

Impact of population growth on the socio-economic development in the country and vice-versa with special reference to poverty, gender, urbanization, employment, sustainable, development etc. Internationalization of population concerns in the planning for socio economic development of the country

(One Week)
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