Allocation of Business Rules



  • Act as the nodal agency for planning integrated development of the statistical system in the country.
  • Coordination of statistical work with a view to identifying gaps in data availability or duplication of statistical work in respect of Departments of the Government of India and the State Statistical Bureaux (SSBs) and to suggest necessary remedial measures.
  •  Laying down and maintenance of norms and standards in the field of statistics, evolving concepts, definitions and methodology of data collection, processing of data and dissemination of results.
  • Advising the Departments of the Government of India on statistical methodology and on statistical analysis of data.
  • Preparation of National Accounts as well as publication of annual estimates of national income, gross/net domestic product, Government and private final consumption expenditure, capital formation, savings, capital stock and consumption fixed capital, quarterly estimates of Gross Domestic Product, preparation of National Input-Output Transactions Table, State level estimates of domestic product and fixed capital formation of supra-regional sectors, preparation of comparable estimates of State Domestic Product (SDP) at current prices.
  • Compilation and release of the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) every month in the form of Quick Estimates, conducting Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) and providing statistical information, to assess and evaluate the changes in the growth, composition and structure of the organized manufacturing (factories) sector.
  • Development of Environment Statistics, development of methodology, concepts and preparation of National Resource Accounts for India.
  • Organization and conduct of periodic all India economic census and follow-up sample surveys.
  • Conducting nation-wide sample surveys on various socio-economic aspects, such as, employment, consumer expenditure, housing conditions, debt and investment, land and livestock holdings, literacy, education, health, family welfare, un­organized manufacturing and services etc, to provide the database needed for development, research, policy formulation and economic planning.
  • Conducting quality checks and auditing of statistical surveys and data sets through technical scrutiny and sample checks and generate correction factors and alternative estimates, if required.
  • Undertaking the processing of survey data collected through various socio-economic surveys and follow up surveys of Economic Census and Annual Survey of Industries by the National Sample Survey Organization and the Central Statistical Organization.
  • Dissemination of statistical information through a number of regular or adhoc publications to Government, semi-Government or private data users/agencies, and dissemination of data, on request, to United Nations Agencies like United Nations Statistics Division, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, International Labour Organization and other relevant international agencies.
  • Giving grants-in-aid to registered non-governmental organizations and research institutions of repute for undertaking special studies or surveys, printing of statistical reports and finance seminars, workshops or conferences relating to different subject areas of official statistics.
  • Functioning as the Cadre Controlling Authority and dealing with all aspects of managing the Indian Statistical Service including all matters pertaining to training, career planning and manpower planning.
  • The Indian Statistical Institute and ensuring its functioning in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Statistical Institute Act, 1959 (57 of 1959).
  • Compilation and release of monthly Consumer Price Index Numbers for Urban Non-Manual Employees.
  • Undertaking methodological studies and pilot surveys for evolving better sampling techniques and estimation procedures including small area estimates,


  • Monitoring of 20-point programme.
  • Monitoring of Central Sector Projects of Rs. 150 crore and above.
  • Monitoring of the performance of Infrastructure Sectors.
  • Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)
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