EnviStats India 2020, Vol II : Environment Accounts

EnviStats India 2020, Vol. II: Environment Accounts (Revised as on 04.11.2020) Download

                     Corrigendum Dated November 4, 2020



                     Team of Officers




Introduction - Understanding ecosystems through EnviStats India

Chapter 1- Land - A Finite Resource

(Updated on November 4,2020-See details in Corrigendum)

Chapter 2- Croplands – Beyond Bread and Butter

Chapter 3- Forests - the Climate Protectors

Chapter 4- Wetland – Protecting Water and Life

Chapter 5- Biodiversity – the Panacea for Adversities

Chapter 6- SEEA – Monitoring for Sustainability


Annexure 1.1: State-wise Asset Account for Land Use Land Cover

Annexure 1.2: Land Use Land Cover (LULC) Change Matrix

Annexure 1.3: State-wise Land Degradation Account

(Updated on November 4,2020-See details in Corrigendum)

Annexure 1.4: State-wise Wasteland Account

Annexure 2 : Cropland Ecosystem Account

Annexure 3 : Forest condition Account

Annexure 4.1: State-wise wetland distribution (type-wise) in India

Annexure 4.2:Wetland Ecosystem Health Condition Score

Annexure 5.1:Taxonomic diversity in the States

Annexure 5.2:State-wise number of Protected Areas

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