List of papers presented in the 6th meeting Delhi Group

Provisional Agenda
Provisional List of Participants (to be   completed or amended)
No Name Title
1 Ralf Hussmanns A labour force survey   module on informal employment (including employment in the informal sector) as a   tool for enhancing the international comparability of   data
2 Dr. G.   Raveendran & G.C. Manna Testing the   Conceptual Framework of Informal Employment:
A Case Study of India
3 Angela   Filgueiras Jorge
  Lucilia Valadão
The Concepts Of   Informal Sector And Informal Employment: 
An Application For   Brazil
4 N.S.   Sastry Analysis Linking Data On Work In   Informal Sector And Poverty: Case Study Of India
5 Lourdes   Ferran Operationalisation   From The Point Of View Of The Policy Maker
6 Jane Souto de Oliveira
  Denise Britz 
do Nascimento Silva
  José Matias de Lima
  Sandra   Furtado
de Oliveira
Rethinking Informal   Economy in Rio de Janeiro Slums
7 Rodrigo Negrete Case studies on the operation of the concept of Informal Employment as distinct from Informal Sector Employment
8 National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi Measuring Informal   Employment: Illustrations from Case Studies
9 N.S.   Sastry Measuring Informal   Employment: Illustrations from Case Studies
10 Dr. G. Raveendran Project proposals received from some of the countries
11 Martha Chen,
Margarita Guerrero 
    Joann Vaanek
Improved Statistics On   The Informal Economy. User Needs
12 Dr. G. Raveendran A Review of   National Surveys and Possible Contents of a Manual on Informal Sector Statistics
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